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You can remove old Urine, Vomit or Feces With Proven Planet Urine Products

Getting old urine, vomit or fecal stains and odors out of carpet is a tough undertaking. Use our helpful tips and proven products, like UrineOut™ Powder cleaning sponges, to get the job done.

Loop Berber Carpet


Medium Cut Pile Carpet

Urine Stained Loop Berber Carpet
Loop Berber Carpet After UrineOut Powder Treatment
  Urine Stained Medium Cut Pile Carpet
Medium Cut Pile Carpet After UrineOut Powder Treatment


UrineOut™ Powder is Easy!

Only 4 Simple Steps!

Step 1 Loosen Urine Stains with UrineRelease Pre-Spray Step 1: For stains and odors that are old & dried-in, first apply the UrineRelease Pre-Spray to loosen the urine.
Step 2 Cover Urine Stain with UrineOut Powder Step 2: Apply the UrineOut™ Powder sponges onto the soiled area.
Step 3 Firmly brush in UrineOut Powder and Dry Overnight Step 3: Simply brush the UrineOut™ Powder sponges into the soiled area. The Powder does all the work by "sponging up" and absorbing the urine stains & odors.
Step 4 Vacuum out all UrineOut Powder Repeat if necessary Step 4: Allow the Powder sponges to dry completely. Then simply vacuum out the urine stain & odor laden Powder sponges. Urine stains & odors are gone! Permanently!

It doesn't get any easier. Or cleaner.

Why Liquid Enzyme "Miracle" Cleaning Products Don't Work for Pet Urine Stains and Odors

UrineOut™ Powder sponges also works great for cleaning Oriental wool area rugs!  UrineOut™ Powder sponges work great on human urine stains and odors too!

Why do UrineOut™ Powder sponges work with the vacuum?

Microscopic Urine Absorbing Sponge

Planet Urine's UrineOut™ Powder WORKS! It's microscopic "sponges" are filled with a special pet stain and odor removal solution. You simply work the Powder "sponges" into your carpet, mattresses, upholstery, and even hardwood floors, tile and concrete. You let the worked-in Powder stand while it "sponges up" pet urine, vomit or poop stains and odors. Wait overnight. Then, you simply vacuum the Powder out. It's that simple!


Adding Liquid to Urine Stains Only Dilutes and Spreads the Urine!

Any liquid based cleaning solution (including steam cleaning) doesn't work because you will never be able to "blot" or wash all of that wet liquid mess out! You still have urine stains and odors because they are deep down in the fibers or pores of the surfaces! Liquid products cannot absorb and extract the pet urine and only masks the smell for a short time. Eventually the urine stains and odors return!

Here's what the experts have discovered...

The ONLY way to completely clean the areas is to use a DRY POWDER cleaning process - a process that "sponges" it up and ABSORBS it, thereby removing the source of the stains and odors... PERMANENTLY!

Cleans Old/Dry or New/Wet Stains!


Cleaning Systems w/ UrineOut™ Powder and UrineRelease™ Pre-Spray:
Prove It! Kit
Basic Stain Remover System
Ultimate I Cleaning System
Ultimate II Cleaning System w/FREE Blacklight
The Godzilla Buster w/FREE Blacklight
Small Hard Surface Cleaning Kit II
Large Hard Surface Cleaning Kit II w/Free Blacklight

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