Linoleum / Vinyl Flooring

Cleaning Urine Stains and Odors on Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring

Follow these directions to REMOVE the old dry dog or cat urine stains and odors from linoleum and vinyl flooring:

Locate the areas where visible dog or cat urine stains or odors are noticeable. If you can't see any stains, but you can smell dog or cat urine odor, then you need to use a Planet Urine's Odor Detector Blacklight to locate the soiled areas.4 Easy Steps for removing a variety of stains

Step 1: Spray the UrineRelease Pre-Spray to loosen old/dry urine.

Step 2: Cover the area with UrineOut™ Powder cleaning sponges.

Step 3:  Brush  the UrineOut™ Powder cleaning sponges onto the area. As the Powder dries it "sponges up" and absorbs the urine. 

Step 4:  After the Powder cleaning sponges have dried, vacuum it out. Urine stains and odors are gone!

Step 5: This next step will eliminate any "scents" from the areas you've cleaned.  Spray Planet Urine's Smells No-More!™ Odor Eliminator directly onto the areas.

Smells No-More!™ Odor Eliminator is the most effective dog and cat urine odor eliminator you'll ever use... it works! Smells No-More!™ Odor Eliminator is the new standard for safe and easy pee odor control... available in a money saving gallon size bottle!

Step 6: Treat the areas with No-P!™ Housebreaking Aid to keep your pets away from the areas. When sprayed on the cleaned areas, No-P!™ Housebreaking Aid will keep any other pets from re-soiling in the areas.

Now; Make amends with your pet.  At Planet Urine we make it easy to forgive your best friend!

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