Curtains and Drapery

Cleaning Urine Stains and Odors on Curtains and Drapery


Our Pet Stain Removal Specialists use the following steps for removing urine stains and odors in curtains and drapery.4 Easy Steps for removing a variety of stains

Cleans Old Urine and New Urine Stains and Odors!

Step 1: Pre-treat the soiled areas with Planet Urine's UrineRelease Pre-Spray.  The UrineRelease Pre-Spray loosens the old dry urine stains.

Step 2: Apply Planet Urine's UrineOut™ Powder.  Using your fingers, work the UrineOut™ Powder into the soiled areas (The Powder is totally safe and non-toxic). Allow the Powder to dry completely.

Step 3: After the Powder dries, vacuum it out using the upholstery attachment hose on your vacuum.  Repeat Steps above... if necessary.  Urine stains and odors are gone!  It's that easy!

Step 4: Now, make amends with your cat or dog. Because at Planet Urine we make it easy to forgive your best friend!

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